Cross Border Compliance: eManifest

Attention all Highway Carriers and Freight Forwarders

All Highway Carriers and Freight Forwarders shipping into US and Canada requires the electronic reporting of manifest information to Canada and US Customs prior to shipment arrival at the borders.

Streamline your cross-border shipping process and ensure compliance with Canadian and US Customs regulations by utilizing our partner CrimsonLogic's eManifest service.


Key benefits of using CrimsonLogic's eManifest service:

  • Simplified reporting process: Our intuitive platform makes eManifest reporting easy and efficient.
  • Reduced risk of errors and penalties: Our system automates calculations and validations, ensuring accuracy and compliance with Customs regulations.
  • Enhanced visibility and control: Track the status of your eManifests in real-time and gain valuable insights into your cross-border shipments.

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About CrimsonLogic

CrimsonLogic is a leading certified technology provider in North America offering eManifest service for companies crossing borders.  Our focus is to offer a user-friendly platform that helps carriers and freight forwarders avoid fines and delays through easy, accurate, and timely pre-arrival reporting to Customs. Outsourcing the eManifest reporting to CrimsonLogic's 24/7 eManifest filing service is another viable option for companies looking to streamline their customs reporting processes.