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October 27-29, 2024 | Cleveland, OH

Panel Discussion:
2024 Trends and Predictions
for 2025 and Beyond

Monday, October 28
10:00-10:45 am
Hope Ballroom D

45 minutes

Join us for a dynamic panel discussion where industry experts dive into the key trends and developments shaping the trucking sector in 2024 and offer insightful predictions for 2025. Moderated by Joe Ohr, this session will feature a distinguished panel including Carrie Yang, Steve Hankel, Ben Gardiner, and representatives from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

For trucking executives, fleet owners, VPs of Technology, VPs of Information Security, IT professionals, and trucking cybersecurity researchers, staying ahead of industry trends and understanding future developments is crucial for strategic planning, maintaining a competitive edge, and ensuring robust cybersecurity. This session will provide you with valuable insights and actionable information to help you navigate the evolving landscape of the trucking industry.

Join us for this essential session to stay informed about the future of the trucking industry and equip yourself with the knowledge to thrive in a rapidly changing environment.



Carrie Yang

Senior Vice President, Marsh Cyber Practice

Carrie Yang is the Senior Vice President within Marsh Cyber Practice based in Chicago. As a senior advisor, Carrie is responsible for structuring, marketing, and negotiating tailored cyber/professional liability programs for stateside risk management client needs.


Steve Hankel

Vice President of Information Technology, Johanson Transportation

Steve Hankel is the vice president of information technology at Johanson Transportation Service (JTS). He joined JTS in 2010 and during his tenure, he developed a SaaS TMS (Transportation Management System), moved the company’s infrastructure to the Cloud, built up the company’s software engineering program, and rolled out its Disaster Recovery and Cyber Security initiatives.


Ben Gardiner

Senior Cybersecurity Research Engineer, NMFTA

Ben Gardiner is a senior cybersecurity research engineer contractor at the National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc. (NMFTA) specializing in hardware and low-level software security. Prior to joining the NMFTA team in 2019, Gardiner held security assurance and reversing roles at a global corporation, as well as worked in embedded software and systems engineering roles at several organizations.



Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

JoeOhr-Frame (2)

Joe Ohr (Moderator)

Chief Operating Officer, NMFTA

Joe Ohr has more than two decades of experience in technical operations, customer success management, customer support, and product support. Currently serving as the chief operating officer for the NMFTA, he plays a pivotal role in helping to advance the industry through digitization, classification, and cybersecurity.

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